Radio Rojava starts broadcasting on Nilesat


Rojava FM was one of the achievements of the 19 July Revolution. It was broadcast from the mountains of Qereçox. In 2017, the Turkish occupation army launched an attack on the mountains of Qereçox, causing the martyrdom of 3 radio workers and serious damage on the Radio equipment.

On the 10th of September, Rojava FM re-broadcast it, and on two frequencies, the first is 89.40 and the people of the regions of Dêrik, Rumilan, Çil Agha and Tirbespiyê can listen to the radio at this frequency.

The other frequency broadcast by Radio Rojava FM is 96.5, a new frequency. The people of al-Hasakah, al-Shadadi, Deir ez-Zor, Qamishlo, Amouda, Ed-Darbasia, Tel Tamar and Serêkaniyê areas can listen to the radio at this frequency.

Rojava FM also started broadcasting on satellite channels, and it is now broadcasting on the Nilesat satellite, at the frequency of 12687 H 27500