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Ashur TV started in Bagdad, Iraq in 2004. The channel was started by the media arm of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) [Zowaa], and later became an independent channel, that has its own budget and board. The channel, however, is still based out of the Zowaa headquarters in Baghdad and many of its staff are members of ADM, although this is not mandatory.

For a few years, the channel’s coverage was limited to Iraq and a few countries in the middle east. In November 2009, the channel finally extended its coverage to all of North America, as a result of support and contributions from the Assyrians in the Diaspora. Efforts are now under way to extend the coverage to other regions including Europe and Australia/NZ.

The channel has programming both in Assyrian and Arabic. The idea is to present Assyrians to the world, not just to our own Assyrians. Given the complexities and the situation in current day Iraq, it is important that Assyrians have a voice to use to communicate with others in Iraq and the outside world. So using Arabic is nothing more than a way to simplify it for others to understand you and have a better appreciation for you are.

The channel depends on donations from Assyrians from all over the world. There is virtually no other source of income for the channel as of now, and the channel’s operations can only last as long as the contributions keep coming. To contribute to the channel and help keep it on air,

Ashur Sat

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