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Lalish (Kurmanji: Laliş, also called Lalişa Nûranî) is a small mountain valley village situated in the Shekhan District of Dihok Governorate in kurdistan. It contains the holiest temple in the Yazidi faith. It is the location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, who is a central figure of the Yazidi faith.

The village is above the town of Shekhan, which had the second largest population of Yazidi prior to the persecution of Yazidis by ISIL.The village is about sixty kilometers north of Mosul and 14 kilometers west from the village Ayn Sifna. The temple is built at about 1000 meters above sea level and situated between three mountains, Hizrat in the west, Misat in the south and Arafat in the north.

At least once in their lifetime, Yazidis are expected to make a six-day pilgrimage to Lalish to visit the tomb of Şêx Adî and other sacred places. These other sacred places are shrines dedicated to other holy beings. There are two sacred springs called Zamzam, which is in a cave below Sheikh Adi’s sanctuary, and Kāniyā. Lalish is also the location of pirrā selāt (Ṣerāṭ Bridge) and a mountain called Mt. ʿArafāt which has sites significant in other faiths. Yazidis living in the region are also expected to make a yearly pilgrimage to attend the autumn seven-day Feast of

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