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MED TV Programmes were a varied mix from children’s programmes, music, drama through to political discussions, documentaries and news broadcasts. It broadcast to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Its primary audience was in the Middle East where it was seen by many as a refreshing source of information outside of state censorship. It also has a large audience amongst the Kurdish population scattered throughout Europe.[citation needed]In Turkey, it was forbidden to watch Med TV, people were arrested for having been caught watching its programs. Turkey saw MED TV as a part of the PKK. Non the less its shows were very popular amongst Kurds in Turkey.

Turkey repeatedly urged providers of satellites to end the broadcast of MED TV. Med TV first broadcast with a license from Independent Television Commission (ITC) and from satellites of Polish Telecom, until the polish government gave in to Turkish demands to ban MED TV. Following the ban in Poland, Med TV rented satellites from USA based Intelsat to broadcast its programs.[3] But Turkey kept on demanding the British Government to take MED TV off the air, and MED TV’s license was revoked on April 23, 1999, as their broadcasts were judged as ‘likely to encourage or incite crime or lead to disorder’. Its license was revoked just after the arrest of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, at the official request of Turkey.

fter repeated failure to comply with the requirements of its licence and following a period of suspension, the Kurdish satellite channel Med TV was served a notice by the ITC revoking its licence on 23 April. The licensee’s service remained suspended until the notice came into effect in 28 days as required by law. Med TV’s licence was suspended on 22 March by the ITC under section 45A of the Broadcasting Act 1990, following four broadcasts which included inflammatory statements encouraging acts of violence in Turkey and elsewhere. These were judged by the ITC as ‘likely to encourage or incite crime or lead to disorder’. This is against UK law, as set out in the 1990 and 1996 Broadcasting Acts.

  Position Satellite Beam
Frequency System SR
Encryption Packages Lang. Source
13.0°E Hotbird 13B Wide
12520 V DVB-S
Kur P Grandicelli
P Piotrowski
8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West B East
11637 V DVB-S
Kur S Luzar

Med Muzîk Frequency

Med Müzik TV,Med Müzik TV

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