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ARTA for Media and Development is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in
Germany. It was founded in February 2013 by a group of Syrian-Kurdish activists and media
professionals based in and outside Syria.
ARTA’s first project was ARTA FM, an independent, multilingual community radio station
broadcasting in the north-eastern parts of Syria. It is also available online (artafm.com) and on the
NileSat satellite network. ARTA FM started broadcasting in July 2013 from Amuda, where ARTA is
now headquartered
ARTA FM broadcasts daily 11 hours of live programmes and news in in Kurdish and Arabic, in
addition to weekly programmes in Syriac and Armenian – the four main languages of the local
communities inhabiting the northern parts of Syria, along the Turkish borders. It is listened to by
wide sections of the population in the regions of Amuda, Qamishli, Malikiyya (Derik), Ras al-‘Ayn
and ‘Ayn al-‘Arab (Kobani)
Other ARTA projects include Jin FM, a sister radio station run by women for women, which started
broadcasting from and in Amuda in October 2015-
Vision & Strategy
ARTA strives for a peaceful, democratic society where the rule of law prevails and everyone is free
and equal, In the current circumstances in the Jazeera region in Syria, this means:
defending the freedom of speech and freedom of information;
defending individual and collective human rights and democratic values;
promoting a culture of plurality and tolerance among the various ethnic and religious
communities of the region, in the face of rising fundamentalism and extremism;
strengthening the role of women in society and defending women’s rights;
strengthening the role of the youth in society.
Towards these goals, ARTA works to:
establish independent media projects and train and support independent journalists,
broadcasters and other media workers;
expose and challenge human rights abuses by all parties to the Syrian conflict;
help different communities in the region get to know each other and enhance mutual trust
between them;
strengthen the role of women journalists and give women an equal voice in the media;
provide platforms for the youth and shed light on their problems.

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