Position Satellite Beam EIRP Frequency System SR FEC Video language
13.0°E Hotbird 13B Wide 53 12322 H DVB-S 27500 3/4 MPEG-2 SD Kurdish
13.0°E Hotbird 13B Wide 53 12520 V DVB-S2 QPSK 27500 5/6 MPEG-4 HD 1080 kurdish
8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West B East 0 11637 V DVB-S2 QPSK 27500 5/6 MPEG-4 HD 1080 kurdish

Stêrk TV ZINDÎ پەخشی راستەوخۆی

Based out of the Belgium capital of Brussels, Stêrk TV is primarily targeted towards Kurdish speaking individuals. A successor to the now defunct ROJ TV station, Stêrk TV began its operations in 2009 with the aim to represent the varied needs of viewers across Kurdistan, and those of Kurdish descent scattered around the world. Providing real-time updates on fiscal news, regional and international developments, and cultural affairs, it’s an important lifeline of information broadcasting for foreign-based Kurdish viewers.
Stêrk TV also allows viewers to stay informed about the daily lives of people belonging to the community, wherever they are in the world. Stêrk TV broadcasts political developments and social news relating to the people of Kurdistan, the Middle East, and those elsewhere on the globe. The station presents regular news updates in the forms of bulletins and more involved discussions, along with televised debates focusing on particularly important events as they unfold. An expert team of commentators, political experts and analysts are on hand to help viewers interpret and decipher more challenging news items, providing an accessible port of information. Aside from its keen focus on delivering premium news content to Kurdish audiences, Sterk TV is also committed to promoting the ideals and values of Kurdish culture worldwide. Viewers can discover this dynamic culture through an incredibly varied slate of programming including documentaries, live action TV series and light entertainment programs – all celebrating the best in Kurdish culture. Sterk TV is free to view for those with access to the Hot Bird satellite.


Stêrk TV

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