Super TV Founded by Daniel Madland.

Daniel Madland is a Kurdish singer, composer and television host in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
born in 1977 Oct 5 in Sangasar. 1998, Madland moved to Norway.
released first song “BeBeto” in 2003.
2011 Daniel, Avin & Aramo started to work on productions for Kurdmax.
In 2013, Madland, along with Evin and Aramo, established NetTV economic & entertainment channel
2014 started “Legal Daniel Gorani Ble”
Madland produced and directed other shows throughout NET TV
2018 Madland left the partnership, founded Super tv Channel and Super Media Agency. Produced hundreds of diverse television programs
Super Media became the official advertising agency of several domestic and foreign companies.
He built Super TV studios on a 5,000-meter in Erbil
in oct 5th 2020 he started Daniel real estate agent in erbil
in oct 5th 2022 he founded ( Super Kids ) Children’s entertainment and educational channel
Daniel and his cohabitant have a daughter and a son, Sarah and Leo they live in Leeds, UK



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